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Comix Riot WordPress Theme

Post by undeadorion » Tue Sep 26, 2023 12:59 am

Fun fact, I used to hate wordpress and shunned it. Now it's quite literally my job. I realized that the reason I didn't like it was the difficulty in finding or making a good theme. I didn't know much PHP and everything seemed too dense to wrap my head around. And now most wordpress themes and plugins for webcomics are wildly out of date. The other options out there, like Grawlix and Comic Control, still require a fair bit of technical know-how to get rolling.

So I'm setting out to make a wordpress theme specifically for the less tech savvy webcomic folks. It's barely more than a concept at the moment, and a roughly coded layout. I will be mostly using this thread for progress updates and previews, but feel free to chime in with any suggestions of what you'd like to see in a theme. I'll be trying for as much customizability as possible (think what Tumblr themes can allow) without touching a line of code.

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