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Forum Wide Rules

Post by admin » Tue Dec 20, 2022 1:19 am

The following rules are a non-exhaustive set of guidelines and terms you agree to by using this forum. Not abiding by these rules may result in warnings, temporary suspensions, or outright bans depending on severity dependent upon moderator discretion. Rules are subject to change as required by needs and growth of the forum.

Minor infractions will result in warnings that will eventually expire. 3 active warnings will result in a temporary suspension, with a time limit dependent upon the nature of the infractions. Major infractions will result in an immediate suspension. 3 suspensions will result in a ban. Severe infractions will result in an immediate ban. Severity is assessed by moderators based on the nature of the infraction, the specific rule involved, the intent of the actions, and the behavior of the user.

  1. Don't be a dick - be courteous to your fellow board members. Remember that this is a public forum with a diverse user base, please act accordingly. Insults for humor's sake are still insults.
  2. No spamming - Rapid posting, adding off-topic replies, or creating unnecessary/duplicate threads will be considered spamming.
    1. Replies should add something to the conversation. It is encouraged to avoid replies such as "Lol", "nice", "I like it", etc. Excessive non-involved replies such as this will be considered spam.
    2. Replying to a thread multiple times in a row without someone else replying before you is considered spam.
    3. Exceptions: Creator threads (only when a new update is available) and sketchbook threads (once per day). See the related forums for specific rules.
    4. Double or cross posting is considered spam. IE Posting the same content in multiple topics/forums.
    Exception: Adding art from an art jam to your sketchbook thread. See the sketchbook forum for further details.
  3. Stay on topic - Both in threads and in forums. Intentional deviations may result in your post being completely removed. Mistakes will result in your post being moved to the correct forum.
  4. Do not post unrelated or unnecessary links - Trying to turn every single thread or post into self promotion will result in removal from the board.
  5. AI generated art is not allowed when it is created by an engine which sources images from living artists without permission. AI generated images specifically meant to emulate another artist's style is strictly forbidden. First offenses will result in a warning, second offenses will result in an outright ban.
  6. No overt NSFW content at this time. Nudity and suggestive content are allowed. You may link to NSFW content you have created, but it must include a warning. As much as we would like to provide a place for adult content, we do not currently have the capacity to monitor the content and verify user ages.

We are here to provide a central hub for comic creators who otherwise don't have one. Dedicated comic hosts come with built in discovery and an audience specifically looking to read comics. However, people who self-host their comics or use platforms like Tumblr don't have that luxury. While we want to support all creators from all platforms, our focus is on those looking for something that isn't a Tapas or Webtoons type platform.

This forum was created first and foremost for creators to support each other and share resources. Networking and promotion is a close second priority, for the reasons listed above. However, not just the networking of throwing out links and running away. This is meant to be a community of cross promotion--meaning we will be boosting each other as much as ourselves.

Finally, this forum is meant to be a community of creators and readers alike based on communities from the days before social media.


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